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Gray Whale Migration

This module provides a lesson on the migration anfd feeding patterns of gray whales in the Pacific Ocean

In this lesson students examine the patterns of gray whale migration along the Pacific Coast of North America.  The exercise provides data at both broad and local scales, providing students with migration patterns and local scale feeding patterns.  

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The student activity 

Gray Whale Migration and Feeding | (pdf)

Gray Whale Migration and Feeding - Editable | (doc)

The link to the Web-based map

Instructor's Guide 

Gray Whale and Migration Feeding Instructor's Guide

Data used in this module

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. (2007). Sea Surface Temperature and Chlorophyll data sets.  World Wide Web electronic publication., Accessed May, 14, 2007

Newell, Carrie. (2008). Dissertation research data.

Read, A.J., Halpin, P.N., Crowder, L.B., Best, B.D., Fujioka, E.(Editors). 2008. OBIS-SEAMAP: mapping marine mammals, birds and turtles. World Wide Web electronic publication., Accessed on October 25, 2007.

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