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Geographic Information Science and Technology (GIST)

What is GIS Technology? Click here to view the LCC video

Lane Community College offers an Associates of Applied Science degree in GIST as well as a GIST Pathway Certificate. 


A degree in Geospatial Information Science and Technology (GIS & T) will prepare you for a  career as GIS technician.
  • GIS technicians work in a variety of fields to collect, map, analyze, and manage spatial data.
  • GIS technicians are employed by organizations involved in forestry and natural resource exploration, mapping companies, utility companies, research organizations, city government, public safety organizations, the military, health and human services organizations, and consulting firms (e.g. in environmental, engineering, forestry, surveying, and marketing fields). 
  • As a GIS technician you will help develop and manage spatial data (information related to location), use data to make decisions and mange resources, and create and update maps for use in reports and presentations.

GIS & T Classes at Lane  GIST Program Link


Learn about the importance of GIST and how it is used in the workplace.


GIST Projects at Lane supported by the National Science Foundation

GeoSTAC (2009-2012) (Geospatial Teaching Across the Curriculum) is a two-year project funded by the National Science Foundation - Advanced Technological Education (NSF-ATE) (NSF#0903330). This grant supports high school teacher curriculum development workshops to develop and implement Web-based GIS lessons. 

MAPSGIS (2006 - 2009)  (Mapping, Analyzing and Problem Solving Using Geographic Information Science: Implementing a GIS Curriculum for Technical Literacy) (NSF# 0603492) was funded for three years (2006-2009) and focused on embedding Web-based GIS learning modules across curriculum at the Lane Community College. MAPS-GIS also supported the development of a four-course sequence in GIS.


 Current Contact:  Lynn Songer, Program Coordinator

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