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ArcServer Version Web-based GIS Maps, Student Lessons, and Teaching Guides

We recommend working through the Web-based GIS tutorial prior to implementing any of the web-based GIS lessons. Our research shows that students who complete the tutorial have a more positive experience with the class-specific lessons and are more focused on the lesson content.


The lessons below were created and tested on Mozilla Firefox. Using a different browser may change the appearance and function of the application.

Using a Mac

When using a Mac, students are more successful if they can use a PC mouse with right click capabilities. There are several task that will use this command.

If you do not have a PC mouse, the easiest way to "right-click" on a Mac is to hold down the ctrl key before you click your mouse button.

Web-based GIS

These lessons require a current version of Adobe Flash Player.  They also require a high-speed Internet connect and a current web browser.


Customizing the basemap and title