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ArcServer Version Web-based GIS Maps, Student Lessons, and Teaching Guides

We recommend working through the Web-based GIS tutorial prior to implementing any of the web-based GIS lessons. Our research shows that students who complete the tutorial have a more positive experience with the class-specific lessons and are more focused on the lesson content.



The lessons below were created and tested on Mozilla Firefox. Using a different browser may change the appearance and function of the application.

Using a Mac

When using a Mac, students are more successful if they can use a PC mouse with right click capabilities. There are several task that will use this command. 

* If you do not have a PC mouse, the easiest way to "right-click" on a Mac is to hold down the ctrl key before you click your mouse button.


Web-based GIS

These lessons require a current version of Adobe Flash Player.  They also require a high-speed Internet connect and a current web browser.


Blown Away




Global Demographics

Lewis and Clark

Oak Savanna

Oregon Watershed Exploration

Oregon Politics

Sampling Bias

US Short Stories and Ancestry

US Ancestry



Customizing the Maps

Customizing the basemap and title (document)

Customizing the basemap and title (video)

Document Actions