GeoSTAC Application

GeoSTAC Application

To Apply

1) Have a LCC "L" number  Link to How to Get an L Number

2) Submit the Survey Monkey application (link here).

3) If accepted, teachers will need to have a letter of support from their principal (email letters are fine), have access to the school computer lab for the Web-based lessons and be able to attend all eight workshops.

We will contact teachers in September to begin enrolling in GeoSTAC.  If you have specific questions, please email Lynn Songer at

The GeoSTAC Project

Phase I: Geospatial Technology and Lesson Development
  • Teachers will attend an orientation on October 20 at 4:30 pm. and take a pre-test assessment.
  • Teachers will participate in eight workshops on Wednesday evenings from  4:30 to 6:30 to begin developing their student lesson and teaching guides. Workshop dates are : November 3,10,17 - December 1, 8 - January 5, 12, 19 at  Lane Community College Main Campus.
Phase II: Lesson


  • Teachers will administer the online surveymonkey pre and post-assessment to their students.
  • Teachers - with the help of a GeoSTAC team member - will work through the Web-based GIS tutorial and the lesson they developed with their classes.
  • Teachers will revise and edit their student lesson and teaching guide.
  • Teachers will take a post-test survey.
Phase III: Program Evaluation
  •   Teachers will attend an end-of-year program assessment dinner on June 8, 2011.

Teacher Stipend

  • Teachers will receive a $ 2,000 stipend for completing the program,  CPDU's, Options for reduced fee graduate credits from Portland State University.  Stipends will be awarded with the completion of each phase of the project. Phase I: $800 ,  Phase II: $900, Phase III: $300

Cohort One - GEOSTAC Lessons